Since the beginning of 2019 NoEthicsNoBrand has been managing rebranding and programming for Radio Scrambler Ducati, the official web-radio for Ducati scrambler motorcycles brand. We chose more than 500 news songs inspired by Scrambler Ducati spirit and furthermore produced several jingles and radio promos. A whole new series of original NoEthicsNoBrand-curated formats is included in the new deal of Radio Scrambler Ducati, with contents and themes strongly connected to the brand. Like Don’t Call me Cinderella, a lifestyle all-female show run by a driver and a metal girl, or From Zero To Hero, a serie dedicate to ordinary, loving motors people that had the chance to become legendary. Then we have Scrambled Eggs, that celebrates scrambling in musics, Writers, a tribute to the rich and diverse art of mixing words, and Scrambler Snacks, a wide view on Ducati Scrambler features.